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First, let us introduce ourselves. Our names are Mustahfuh and Beljonesha, and we are both graphic designers. We are also both parents of four beautiful children, the same four children actually...and we love it! We are parents who love parenting! If you are just now entering this wild and wonderful world, welcome! It's the hardest job you'll ever have, but definitely the most fulfilling.

We always thought it was odd that you had to go through 2-8 years of schooling in order to be prepared for your career, but absolutely no education was required to become a parent...in fact sometimes the lack of information can make you a parent.

Since we were still in college when our first-born graced us with her presence, and we were still in the research-and-study-and-educate-yourself groove, we took the same approach to our parenting. We read everything we could get our hands on. And the more we read, the better parents we became....we were enriched by wonderfully intelligent people like Dr. Susan Ludington-Hoe, Dr. Marianne Neifert (Dr. Mom), and Dr. James Dobson. They not only empowered us, but made our job a lot easier, not to mention a darn-good-time!

Which brings us to the whole point of this site. We developed the Oh Baby site for you--parents who strive to be the very best parents for their kids. People who understand what a sacred job this is we do--to be the nurturer, provider, mentor and molder of a young life. We wanted to provide easy access to information that will enrich your parenting experience. Even just a little information about important issues like bonding, health, and infant stimulation can make all the difference.

While writing the content of this site, we ran into the same problem all writers face in trying to be fair to the sexes, do we use "he" or "she" or the very awkward "he/she" when referring to the babies. Since we have four daughters, we decided to use "she". For those of you with beautiful baby boys, please don't be offended, we just live in the world of "wonderful little women."

We hope this site is a helpful resource in your quest for becoming the best parents you can be. And please drop us a line if you think of anything we can add to make this site more helpful.

Your philoprogenitive friends,

Mustahfuh and Beljonesha

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