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What your baby is trying to say: "I'm hungry"
"I need clean diapers"
"I'm bored"
"I need some affection"
"I'm stressed-out (over stimulated)"
"I'm feeling insecure" What you can do:
Feed your baby
This one should be obvious
Provide your baby with some stimulation
Hold, hug, kiss and caress that beautiful baby
Create a quiet atmosphere; sucking a pacifier also helps
Swaddle your baby, or hold her close to you.

What's wrong:
Many things can cause your baby discomfort: a stomach ache (gas)
teething pain
diaper rash
If the pain gets intense, the sound of the cry will also get intense (almost sounding like the "I'm mad" cry.) What you can do:
The first thing you need to do is make sure your baby knows that you are there for her. You can provide comfort by holding, rocking, singing to, caressing and talking to your baby. You also may need to give your baby medication (Infant Tylenol) if the pain is very intense, but only after you consult your physician.

What's wrong: Just like us, sometimes your baby has trouble falling asleep. When she cries, she is expressing her frustration and asking you to help her.
Ways to Help Your Baby Go to Sleep: Feed her (the sucking action can soothe a baby)
Hold, rock or pat your baby (rhythm also soothes)
Caress her face, hair or temple area.
Go for a walk in the stroller or a ride in the car.
Sometimes your baby just needs to cry herself to sleep.

What's wrong:
Several things can push your baby into this stage:
not responding to previous requests,
being startled by a loud noise, or
intense pain can send a baby into this intense crying
What you can do:
Respond to your baby's needs before she has to cry very hard. This produces a sense of trust and spares her from the emotional distress. If your baby has colic, she may have a period of time when nothing will comfort her, she just needs to cry.

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