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Books on Helping the Growth of Your Baby's Intelligence - A wide variety of books relating to infant intelligence, development and attachment that you can buy through Amazon.com.

Parents As Teachers - A program that promotes parent involvement in learning from the very beginning of a child's life and fosters optimal development of the young child. Find the contact person for the regional program near you.

Genius Babies - Wonderful gift packages you can buy full of infant stimulation products. Why not buy a shower gift thats not only unique, but will help increase the baby's brain development?

smart-babies.com - Shopping for infant development products and unique baby gifts.

FutureBright Software - An Infant Stimulation Software program for Windows that was developed by a computer programmer interested in infant stimulation for his own baby.

BabyChatter.com Many baby names to choose from, the origin of the name and its meaning. A resource for finding baby freebies and baby coupons, baby food and baby formula.

The Baby Place - information on pregnancy, birth and babies.

I Am Your Child - a national campaign, started by the Reiner Foundation, educating parents and professionals about breakthrough new discoveries in the process of brain development.

FREE Infant Stimulation Graphics - Researchers have discovered that infants not only have a preference for high contrast graphics, but that the visual stimulation actually increases brain development. Download these free graphics in JPG or PDF files. Infant-Stim graphics are especially effective the first 6 months of your baby's life.

Infant Stimulation Clothing - Let your baby have increased exposure to high contrast graphics that help increase brain development by placing them on her favorite toy...you! You'll be amazed at how they captivate your baby's attention. Hefty cotton t-shirts, sweatshirts and long-sleeved Ts at very reasonable prices.

The Lampkin Fussy Baby Help Page - Another parent who has found that babies get "fussy" when they are under-stimulated, and has created a slide show and poster of high contrast graphics for frustrated parents to download.

Wee Expectations - Gifts and educational products that promote bonding.


Other Baby-Related Websites

Carolina Baby Connection - parenting information, forums, a Baby Mall, freebies and coupons, and electronic birth announcements.

Baby-Go-To-Sleep Tapes - Music that is guaranteed to put your baby to sleep. Nursery songs that have been mixed with the recordings of a human heartbeat from the place on the breast where a child lays her head when being held. Used by thousands of hospital nurseries. Available in tape or CD.

Craniosupport seeks to offer support, information and research tools to people with Craniosynostosis and related syndromes and their families.

Modern Stork - Bring on the baby! is what we say at Modern Stork, a thoroughly current look at the ways you can prepare for your New Arrival. Get tips on where to throw your baby shower, favors, games, and gifts to give the new mom. Modern Stork has a million and one ways to celebrate the baby.

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