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When my daughter was two months old, she often had diarrhea. I hated to disposable diapers for her. So my husband had to do it. One day when disposabling diapers, my husband held up my daughter's two little feet in order to clean her hips. With a loud sound of farting, her pieces of sh** burst out suddenly, just right towards the face of my husband. My husband was so surprised that he kept his mouth wide open. What happened next? The sh** ran directly into his mouth!

Jun Liu, China

My baby is protective of her mommy. One day when I was sitting on the couch, my husband started hugging me on the neck. Well my baby, who was sitting in my mothers lap started screaming. When my husband let go, she stopped and smiled at him.

Savannah, Seneca, SC

We have an 18 month old baby now. We have had discussions about the success rate of changing a dirty, and I mean dirty, nappy (diaper). My wife feels that it is a successful change if you can get through the process without getting anything on your fingers. Whereas I classify a successful change as taking a deep breath, holding it and getting through the whole process without having to breath back in!

Ian Swann Melbourne, Australia

My wife Dawn is a genius! Near the end of her pregnancy, she was always afraid that her water would break at an inconvenient time or in a public place. Well, believe it or not, it did. Her water broke in aisle four at our local grocery store. But she quickly disguised the situation by throwing a jar of pickles on the floor, and proceeded furtively to the check-out lane.

Jon Bunker, Missouri

My husband wasn't too experienced with disposable diapers when our daughter was first born. This became very apparent one day when Joe told me he would watch JoAnna while I went out shopping. When I came home, Joe was so proud of himself for changing her diaper, but when I went and picked her up, I noticed her diaper was on inside out--the plastic was on the inside.

Danielle, St. Louis, MO

Our daughter Abby has always been the comedian in the family. One morning I went to wake up her two sisters and found them covered with little green stars. Abby had gotten up in the middle of the night, taken one of those Crayola stamper markers and decided to decorate. She was even so meticulous as to put stars on the bottom of each toe and on their eyelids. When I went to wake up Abby, she wasn't in her bed...I found her sleeping in the middle of the living room floor, buck-naked, with little green stars all over herself. Me and my husband were just thankful we were not hit by the green star-epidimec.

Cynthia, Colorado Springs, CO

Right after our son was born, we went out to eat with a group of friends. I sat next to Harold,my friend's husband, who loved to joke around with everyone. As we were waiting for our food, Harold thought he would be funny and grabbed my son's bottle and squirted it into his coffee. All the women around the table burst out in laughter. What they knew, and he didn't, was that I only fed my son breastmilk. Diane, Phoenix, AZ

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